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OMG, I just got back from Harry Potter. IT WAS AWESOME. I don't want to say too much and spoil anybody, but it was epic. And, ugh, fucking cliffhanger. Now I have to wait for the summer to see the rest. :( This is the challenge with having a two part movie, although there's a lot more of it and in a year when they're all out on dvd I'll be pretty happy with the extra film time.

I wish I could go back and see it again! I'd even repress my hatred of movie theaters, I loved it that much. :)

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(SPOILERS - might want to wait until you see it to click or you won't understand.)


Nov. 15th, 2010 09:21 pm
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Finished season one of Being Human. I feel like it was too short. Things happened really fast and they weren't given much screen time, like George and his girlfriend. She went from hating him to being in a fairly committed relationship with him in the space of a few weeks and we never really got to see it.

I also watched the last seasons of Scrubs and it was pretty good. I loved loved loved Denise and her boyfriend and watching emotionally dead people fall in love and overcome their own pitfalls. The rest of the med students I didn't really like at all, though. Still, just for Denise and her med student boyfriend (eh, I'm blanking on everyone's names today) I'd watch another seasons if there was one (there isn't).
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I just finished season 5 of Supernatural. It was pretty good, at least up until the last few eps, when everyone spent all the whining. I know they have a difficult life and anyone would in that situation would wish for a normal life, but I don't need to hear about it every five minutes. I like angst as much as the next person, but this was overdoing it a bit. I'm not sure I'll check out the sixth season (I'll definitely wait until it comes out on dvd this time next year. I enjoyed the whole 'boys on a road trip fighting evil' thing and I thought 'boys trying to stop the apocalypse' was interesting, as well, but now that both those  plotlines are over (apocalypse averted, Dean with a normal life) I'm not sure I'm that interested in the show any longer. I'll probably still watch it on dvd since I've heard it's the last season and I do love SPN, but I'm not sure I'll enjoy it.

Anyway, overall I think season 5 was interesting and believable (for their universe, not ours, obviously). I enjoyed watching it and everything was tied up fairly nicely. There are some things that I don't get, like why Lisa was waiting for Dean and seemed so happy to have him in her life (unless we go with the fact that Ben is really Dean's biological son, which I sort of believe anyway) since their only interaction was pretty much a one night stand. I mean, Dean did save her son, which makes me think Lisa would be grateful to him and trust him a lot more, but I don't understand how they made the jump to TRU LUV, you know?

I also want to know if Chuck really is God (I'm assuming this will be answered eventually).

There were some great episodes this season and some funny lines (Cas being drunk/on a bender, cupids and their way of saying hello, Sam really growing into his role as responsible adult, Crowley - I really want their to be an angel named Azraphael in the SPN  verse now. And even if there isn't I won't be that disappointed because I love the actor that plays him. This makes it harder to dislike him for being evil, though).

I also watched the second season of Being Human. I didn't see the first (although it's on my list). I'm not sure I like it. It's interesting enough for me to watch, but more as something to just put on in the background than any real love for the show. Too much random, senseless violence for me.

Oh, and right now I'm watching season 9 of Scrubs (the last season). It's odd so far with so many so the characters missing and the main focus being on a bunch of med students and the hospital being really different (entirely new actually), but it's not bad at all.

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I finished the last few seasons of SGA. Overall:

Season 1: Adorable, I loved the season. And since I'd been in the fandom for a while when I saw it I knew where most of the episodes were going. It was interesting and kind of fun watching things spoiled. I liked it. There was some bad acting and incredibly stupid wtf decision making, but I didn't go into this expecting The World's Greatest Show (TM) it didn't bother me too much. Plus, it gave me something to ponder what the writers could have done differently. And then I wondered for a while why I cared so much. :P

Season 2: Season 2 brought the squee factor way down, although there were some good episodes. One of the good parts is the introduction of Ronon, who is badass. But geeky, loyal Ford left the show and that was sad. :(

Season 3: Season 3 wasn't much better.

Season 4: This was where the show got interesting again. I love season four almost as much as I love season one. It's really the slashiest season, as well. Elizabeth Weir is replaced as leader by Sam Cater, who is far too awesome for words.

Season 5: Most people in fandom pretend season 5 doesn't exist because it introduces a love interest for Rodney and this breaks up John/Rodney, which pretty much everyone in the fandom ships. There's a lot of Jennifer Keller hate out there, which is really sad, because she is awesome. I just can't bring myself to hate any of the main characters. They're all so adorable and silly. :) Sam Carter is replaced as leader by Richard Woolsey. I missed her, but Woolsey turned out to be an okay character, so all was good. ;)

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Oct. 4th, 2010 05:17 pm
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Re-watching some early Supernatural. It feels weird going back before the whole angel/God/Dean-in-Hell arc. It feels like ages ago that I was watching season 2 for the first time.

I watched season 8 of Scrubs, too. I love that show and it's a pity that it's over now. And yeah, I know that there's a season 9, but JD and Eliot aren't really in it, it's more about Dr. Cox and Turk. I like both of them,  but it would be weird not having JD narrate the season. I might still give it a try, though. It's still Scrubs.


Sep. 12th, 2010 08:55 pm
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Tv shows to watch:

SGA season 3, 4, 5
Supernatural Season 5
Doctor Who Season 5

Why is everything season 5? :/
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It's lost some of the charm season one had, which is a pity. And I miss non-evil!Ford. He was so naive and sweet. Season two was missing the awesome banter, although they get points for trying to explain tv to Teyla and Ronon. Overall, it was interesting, though, and I can't wait to watch season three after that cliff hanger.


Aug. 27th, 2010 02:07 pm
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I finished season 3 of Burn Notice the other day. Overall it was a good season. I'd watched the first half (minus an episode or two) on the internet just after they aired. Was there a hiatus after that or something? For some reason I though the season ended with the two part episode of Fi and her brother. There are two more discs after that episode, so I guess I was wrong. Weird. Anyway, I thought the finale was pretty good and it had the  evil guy from Life playing an evil guy on BN, so that was interesting. He had no Russian accent this time so it was a bit surreal.

This season I really enjoyed Maddie and her involvement in their crimes. She can be pretty badass and her friendship with Sam (he's sleeping on her couch!) was adorable. Micheal and Sam's friendship is pretty awesome, too. I'm not sure how I feel about Fi (although the finale left me cautiously optimistic). I don't really understand her motivations; her wanting a normal life seemed odd and incongruous for her character. In the third to last episode, though, we learn that she only got into crime after her sister was killed (although her brother was in crime, too? What? Was he the family black sheep or did he get into it for the same reasons Fi did? Or is he not in it at all and he only came to Fi's rescue equipped with a gun because he wanted her to live even though he really wasn't into crime and spying?) and her life after that seems like a series of coincidences that lead her to Micheal and then to Miami, although I'm confused at her timeline and would really like to see it written out somewhere.

And what was up with that cop lady? What happened to her? Where did she go? Shouldn't she have been leading the manhunt for Micheal? Or was it because she was a local cop and the FBI were after Micheal? I don't know. I still think it's pretty weird that she just disapeared. Will she be back?

In the finale, Micheal's face when he's told by Management that he has a future! It was all shocked and hopeful. Poor Micheal; he's so whipped by his job. Now I really want to know where he ends up next season. I'm assuming whatever room he's in somebody offers him a deal and he goes back out on the streets. I heard season 4 finalied just a few days ago, so I hope they get the dvd out soon. I really want to know. I also heard that BN would be back on in November. I hope so.


Aug. 15th, 2010 09:22 pm
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So, I just finished Life on Mars (yes, I realize I'm like four years behind) and I loved it. I'm a bit uncomfortable with the ending though. I mean, Sam got back to his time/out of the coma and has his old life back (which was filmed in grays and blues, making it look impersonal and depressing to seem less appealing, I'm guessing) and then he flings himself off a building, back into the coma. Just, what? I thought he was all gung-ho about getting home? I'm assuming he missed life and the people back in '73, but he pretty much just killed himself. I'm not sure I'm okay with that.

And then, like the genius I am, I went on wikipedia to look up Ashes to Ashes, the sequel to Life on Mars, and accidently spoiled myself for the whole thing. Whoops. I do feel better, though, knowing that the world of '73 is a limbo for cops on their way to heaven. It's nice to know and not just to speculate. See? This is why I love watching tv shows a few years after they're over. New material comes out and I don't have to wait for the answers!

Anyway, with the new info I'm not sure how I feel about Gene apparently being the ferryman between limbo and heaven. That means he knew what was going on with Sam all along. And there's still the whole suicide thing. If '73 is the cop limbo, that means Sam did kill himself. I guess it's nice that he got to go with Annie and people he considered friends, but still. I don't think I'll ever be okay with advocating suicide. And knowing that my favorite characters are all apparently dead. I'm also assuming that Sam and Annie moved on to the afterlife in Ashes to Ashes, since they're not in the sequel, but everyone else still is?

I am sad that it's over, because it was a great show. Although I'm hesitant to watch Ashes to Ashes, since there's no Sam or Annie. I liked them. It would be interesting to see them portray the '80's, though, which is when  Ashes to Ashes is set.


Aug. 12th, 2010 06:41 pm
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So, I've been watching season two of Leverage and they just did one of my absolute pet peeves. :( The introduction of Tara. I hate when a show plays a character to be one thing and then, at the end, has them do a 180 on their personality because they were messing with the main characters. From good to evil or just naive lawyer to grifter, it really pisses me off to form an opinion on a character based off their initial impressions, only to find out it's all been a lie. Now, I don't mind when it's a gradual thing and the audience is in the know. Like a previously evil character turning to good (Spike on Buffy is an example) or visa versa over an arc is okay, but when it's a surprise? I hate it. And I like Leverage. Why did they have to do that? What I previously though was just a fun outsider's POV on the gang (I love those) turned into an audition for her on their team. We didn't even get fake!Tara meeting and being freaked out by crazy!Parker, which is what I really wanted out of the episode. And how come Tara never plays any more uptight lawyers? She always gets the sexy roles now, and I really preferred her the other way. Oh well. She's not too bad on the team and I think Sophie comes back soon anyway. 

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Aug. 8th, 2010 04:01 pm
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So, I just finished the first season of SGA. I'm really enjoying it. :D Sure, the science is bad enough that I'm noticing it and there is some very wtf decision making, but overall it's enjoyable. I mean, space ships! Stargates! Stick fighting! And really obvious boy love! <3 How can I not love it? I'm waiting for the next season from the library.
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Adorable gifs. 

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Finished season one! It was pretty good. Some of the episodes were a bit melodramatic or drawn out, but overall it's entertaining and there are some laugh out loud parts. Plus, it's a mystery tv show. I love those. :D It does hit my embarrassment squick a bit, watching Sam pretty much go crazy in public, but I guess I can still hope that it's really a time travel plot. I've always preferred fantasy over psychological fiction. Requested the next season from the library. Can't wait to watch some more. Maybe I'll check out Ashes to Ashes after.

Also, I had no idea Life on Mars and Ashes to Ashes were both named after David Bowie songs. I'm guessing the creaters are fans? Although they are great titles.

Further random title news: the song Life on Mars came out in 1973, which is the year Sam is stuck in.

Random gifs. Supernatural:

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Olive! Aww, she's so happy:

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Aug. 3rd, 2010 03:44 pm
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Trying to get some writing done, but it isn't really working. I have a basic idea of what I want to do, but the characters need more fleshing out and they're being stubborn. :/ I suppose I shouldn't expect anything different, but ugh, sometimes I just want to shout at them, "just be helpful, okay?' They don't seem to like that much. :) 


Aug. 3rd, 2010 01:19 pm
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I've been on a Lady Gaga kick lately, which is kind of embarrassing to admit, because her music isn't very good. It's so catchy, though. And my friend is addicted to her, singing her songs all the damn time. It was learn to enjoy the music or go insane from repeated exposure. :/ My favorite is Poker Face, which probably says something unpleasant about me, but whatever. "...Russian roulette is not the same with out a gun and baby when it's love if it's not rough it isn't fun..."

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Okay, so I don't have a lot to say here. I mostly most things on LJ and even then, not a lot. So, here are some gif's, I guess. And rambling!

I'm currently watching Life on Mars. It's great so far, if a little repetitive. They find a body/crime, Gene gets a gut feeling, Sam tells him they need evidence, and Sam usually ends up solving the crime correctly with his evidence. Still, it's enjoyable and funny and I want to keep watching to see if Sam is really in a coma or if he traveled back in time. I'm watching the UK version and I hope it turns out better than I heard the US one did.

Sunglasses (by sophieelaine on photobucket)  :

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Jun. 2nd, 2010 07:06 pm
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Searching for original fiction challenges/prompts...


May. 4th, 2010 08:45 pm
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Completely new here. I have an account over at livejournal that I've been using, but I thought I'd come see what Dreamwidth was all about. Currently, there's no one at all on my friends or communities list, so I'm typing to an empty corner of the web, but I hope to fix that soon.


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